"Week 0" offers Stanford GSB students and faculty a unique opportunity to teach & learn

Although the first day of school officially begins next Monday, many students are back today for September Session, otherwise known as “Week 0” at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Stanford GSB started Week 0 as a way for faculty to pilot a class concept on something different from what they normally teach during the school year based on their research. Week 0 is also a great way for our 2nd year MBA students to come back to campus a week earlier, take experimental classes and settle in before the school year mayhem begins. This fall, there are 18 different sessions for students to choose from:  

  • Analysis and Valuation of Emerging Market Firms
  • Using Neuroscience to Influence Human Behavior
  • Emerging Network-Based Consumer Services
  • The Role of Business in Sustainable Food Systems
  • How to Tell a Story
  • The Power of Stories in Business
  • Crafting Your Life Story
  • Savvy: Crafting Effective Communication
  • Authenticity in Markets: The Case of the Wine Industry
  • Leadership and Crisis Management
  • Changing How We Manage People
  • Persuasion
  • The Improvisational Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Strategy
  • Venture Capital: Financing and Valuation
  • Intellectual Property: Financial and Strategic Management
  • Strategic Interactions
  • Strategy and Management in Developing Economies

This week, I’m observing “Using Neuroscience to Influence Human Behavior” co-taught by Professor Baba Shiv and Lecturer Nir Eyal. I’ll share key insights and lessons from the class throughout the week via Tumblr. Stay tuned!


Karen Lee is the Social Web Strategist at the Stanford GSB. She develops content for and manages the Stanford GSB social media platforms. She blogs about social media and business research at karenpoilee.tumblr.com and tweets from @karenlee.