13 Ways To Be A Great Public Speaker

Rehearsing your body language and getting proper rest are effective tactics for reducing public speaking anxiety and ensuring that you give a memorable presentation. Read on for a round-up of top public speaking tips from Stanford GSB faculty and guest speakers:

1. To manage anxiety, reframe the situation as a conversation rather than a performance. http://stnfd.biz/vJAix 

2. Set your goals at a reasonable level so you can overachieve. http://stnfd.biz/vJAjZ

3. Eat a healthy diet, get proper rest, and exercise to alleviate nervousness. http://stnfd.biz/vJAlX 

4. Diversify your material to keep people’s attention. http://stnfd.biz/vJAom

5. Use analogies to help your audience quickly process and understand new information. http://stnfd.biz/vJApw

6. Add emotion and variety to ensure people remember what they hear and see. http://stnfd.biz/vJAr7 

7. Make sure your content is relevant and easily accessible to your audience. http://stnfd.biz/vJAsS  

8. Add visuals to your slides. When you deliver information verbally, people only remember 10% of it. If you include a picture, retention is 65%. http://stnfd.biz/vJAuC

9. Spend more time rehearsing your body language than your speech. http://stnfd.biz/vJAwf 

10. Include a strong ending. Do you want people to stand when you finish? Or repeat a key takeaway? http://stnfd.biz/vJAxv

11. Practice your presentation beforehand to ensure your body language matches your message. http://stnfd.biz/vJAzh

12. Get to the venue early and imagine your body expanding to fill the room. Own the space. http://stnfd.biz/vJABs 

13. Keep your hand gestures symmetrical when you’re trying to be convincing. http://stnfd.biz/vJACJ